The Challenge

We need to talk…. the challenge this team faced was one of continuing to perform to high levels during a time of uncertainty. Leaders and their teams were facing an uncertain future as the organisation was going through huge change. During this time teams and leaders were highly stressed and relationships and morale were affected. Reconnecting people among this team, boosting motivation and productivity as well as creating a safe environment for honest and open discussion was vital to their future success

Our Solution

Develop a custom-made framework for courageous change conversations. This involved a one-year programme providing 1:1 and team coaching for leaders and their teams. Transformation Space designed approaches using immersive training approaches including coaching and Lego® Serious Play®.

The Outcome

• Helping the organisation to embed a power equal process called professional dialogue across all levels
• Leaders and teams learnt how to share decision making
• All staff reported that they were free to be honest, open, inquiring. All felt that they had found ways of resolving problematic issues
• The department took an inclusive approach to vision building and vision setting

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