The Challenge

Helping the Dyson HR Team to prepare colleagues for their Global Transformation Plans. This team had the daunting task rolling out this new strategy across the whole organisation. They needed to ensure that their approaches would take into considering at the needs of a widespread global team, the need for business to continue to function at high standards during this time and that staff were well supported throughout the process.

Our Solution

Design a Lego® Serious Play® workshop and follow-up coaching support that helped Dyson’s HR Team to prepare themselves for upcoming changes, to develop their own capacity for resilience and adapting to change. We developed several key questions to explore:

1) How do we connect to the 2020/25 strategy and what does this mean to me?
2) As a team, how do we support the new strategy and ensure its success?
3) How do we maintain harmony and team cohesion throughout the process?
4) How do we continue to collaborate and ensure smooth and effective communication?

The Outcome

At the end of the session the Dyson HR Team expressed the following as strong outcomes:

“My anxieties and negative feelings towards upcoming change have been heard”

“I feel better connected to the vision and to my team. I was able to build and clearly visualise individual and team commitments”

“I realise what it’s going to take to support changes and ensure success”

“The guiding principles we developed from the session will nurture team spirit and continue to develop team life”

Lego® Serious Play® in action at Dyson

What Dyson had to say

“I would recommend Lego® Serious Play®. The session with Transformation Space was fun, insightful and imaginative. This methodology allowed individuals to express themselves in a different manner and be more open with ideas and feelings.”

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