The Challenge

• Try as they might, this group could not come to an agreement on one shared process for early cancer diagnosis to be implemented across 5 wards within their district.
• Emotions were high and this group risked losing an opportunity to gain government funding for their plans if their proposal missed the deadline.
• The deadline was now 2 months away.

Our Solution

Develop a workshop based on Lego® Serious Play® and Scrum principles to help this cross-functional global team to come together, deepen their understanding and commitment to one vision.

The Outcome

Teams returned with clear actions and development plans which have now been implemented. Teams have shared their learning with the wider organisation and have met, since the workshop, to continue working using principles that they learnt during the event.

How we brought success to the NHS

Participants continued to collaborate after the session

Proposal was approved and funding granted

A select committee completed the proposal and submitted on time

Proposal was validated by all 5 wards

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