We design and deliver learning solutions that create happy and productive workplaces

Our solutions are influenced by Scrum and Lego® Serious Play® principles

Lego® Serious Play®

A powerful tool designed to enhance innovation and business performance

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PI Behavioural Assesment

Unlock insights to help you consistently perform at the highest level

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Transform your project with this incredibly powerful set of values, principles and practices

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"You can learn more about a person in an hour of play than you can from a lifetime of conversation” Plato

What our clients are saying

British Council

“Absolutely recommended. It’s not just a lego , its the inner - hidden you!”

“Activities with Lego helped to open up some areas in the brain which were kind of locked before"

Amazon AWS

“I would recommend Lego® Serious Play®. The session with Transformation Space was fun, insightful and imaginative. This methodology allowed individuals to express themselves in a different manner and be more open with ideas and feelings.”

Net Visibility

“Transformation Space ran a great Lego® Serious Play® session for the Net Visibility team. The insights the session produced were really interesting, and definitely helped us develop a clearer understanding of how we operate as a team, and how we can build on this for the future.”

By taking a facilitative approach to drive behaviour change, we can help you to:


Imagine what can be achieved and what a successful outcome looks and feels like


Implement new or improved solutions


Ensure new solutions are having an
impact and that these are sustainable,
resilient, and agile

How we helped the NHS diagnose cancer earlier

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How we rolled out Dyson's global transformation strategy

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Helping you to develop teams who are:


A productive team work effectively and efficiently. They are focussed on achieving the end goals ensuring organisation success and growth


In the face of adversity, resilient teams maintain their work productivity while minimising the emotional toll on their members. They ensure that your organisation remains stable and open for business despite difficulties.


A strong benefit of group competition is that it encourages team members to learn new skills and develop professional acumen. Such teams ensure your organisation retains the competitive advantage.


Inclusive teams are able to optimize talent and productivity, transforming them into higher-performing teams. Diversity and inclusivity improve employee engagement, which in turn increases retention.


Agile teams are flexible, self-managing, take ownership. They ensure that organisation change is implemented quickly and effectively. By staying focussed, collaborating and communicating, teams can accomplish what needs to be done, together.


connected teams drive collaboration, nurture healthy working relationships, and promote knowledge-sharing so creating a more efficient workplace. They ensure that your organisation functions as a community who share one vision.


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