Performance & Mindset

For staff across your organisation

  • Living our vision, values, and behaviours
  • Managing my own performance
  • EI in the workplace
  • Managing my time
  • Developing agility and resilience
  • EDI–What is it and how do I take positive action?

Winning Teams

For departmental teams or cross-functional teams
who have a shared goal or project

  • Team & personal effectiveness
  • Strengthening team bonds
  • Professional dialogue & action learning sets
  • Building communities and connections
  • Introduction to coaching and mentoring skills

Leading For Success

For all leaders & managers, women in leadership, and aspiring leaders.

  • Coaching for productivity and performance
  • Leadership styles
  • Developing cohesive teams
  • Performance management
  • Effective feedback
  • Leading a remote and global team

Wellbeing For Productivity

For staff across your organisation

  • Mindfulness & dealing with stress
  • Courageous conversations
  • Conflict and challenge
  • Gratitude and teaming
  • Wellbeing, creativity and play for productivity

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What our clients have said

“Transformation Space brings a rounded approach to training that includes traditional classroom approaches along side very innovative and effective interactive approaches to team development. Their ability to contextualise trainings' and development programs that are underlined with cultural sensitivity, team dynamics as well as sound science and theory ensure that participants sense the benefit. Approach to driving professionalism, myth busting in the context of team development. understand what is expected of them, the goals they’re trying to meet, and how they contribute to the team’s success.”

“I learnt many new things, how to deal with conflict at work and how to use different techniques when dealing with my manager, some useful tips on how to write a report and deliver strong presentations.”

“First of all, I want to thank you for the huge work you have done with our team and with me personally. I received loads of information which was completely new for me. The programme was carefully planned, with a wide range of interesting and useful topics. The themes were outlined with a clear simple language. We had a good choice of theoretical new knowledge received, and practical sessions. The activities were useful and fun at the same time.”

How we helped the NHS diagnose cancer earlier

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